nimue_8 (nimue_8) wrote,

Xavier Dolan mentions Channing Tatum

Ah! I find it amusing when you don't expect to read about someone in specific news, and then, suprise! It's there.

So we have this young, talented, ambitious film maker named  Xavier Dolan. At 25 years old, his amibition for years has been to be part of the OFFICIAL Cannes competition.  After much suspens (in our medias), it happenned. Ok. Excellent for him. Best of luck!

And here, in our main newspaper  in order to express his relief at being part of the "real" competition, he says : " The only thing I care about now is to know when and where I will meet Channing Tatum and what he'll be wearing."

I know, he was being flippant, but at the same time, I would not be surprised if he meant it a bit too. He is the kind of young man to go after people he wants to work with ( and to pout a bit publicly if it dones't go his way).

I must say that it would be an interesting, eclectic match : Xavier Dolan and Channing Tatum in the same project.

Let's first see if Tatum indeed goes to Cannes (probably his film will be shown), and then, who knows...

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