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Good evening !
I agree with your comment concerning the defense of Channing. I thought about the same 2 movies titles, Foxcatcher and Logan Lucky, to show he has range. It is disappointing that people just lazily perpetuate some old prejudice. He has convinced people in the induatry a long time ago now.

A lot of handsome actors have to prove themselves again and again before the are taken seriously by some sections of the public.

I respect Jamie Bell a lot but it is not done at the detriment of Channing Tatum.
People tend to consider good British actors as more legitimate than North American good actors. Maybe because they are associated to classic theater ?

I find your comment about the perception of Romans very interesting too, as I don't get to read that point of view often (if ever) and I kind of agree with it.

I might be completely behind the point, but I wonder if it might be an aftermath of WW2.
Yep, I rewind that far ! The exaltation of civilizations whose descendants were later involved in Fascism before and during the war is presented as the exaltation of Fascism itself, whether or not it is fair. And so, after WW2, I think the British civilization is more or less the only one in the Wetern wold we see glorified for its past, without it coming across as Fascism.

Personally, I think we can celebrate what Romans gave to the world for centuries without having an imperialist mentality !

And I take great pleasure too, in the celebration of British past. It is very interesting and worthwhile. But, yes, the depiction of Romans in fic was not always equitable.

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